CareSkore is a Y Combinator graduate venture-funded Silicon Valley startup that helps healthcare organizations manage patient populations with greater efficiency. Using multivariate predictive analysis, the company’s technology helps measure and manage clinical and financial risk on an ongoing basis.

Project Overview

CareSkore just graduated from YC, and the founding team was looking to launch a brand new marketing site. They reached out to me for help with both design and development. Working directly with the executive team, I started the project with outlining the site’s architecture and wireframing key pages. Once we’ve come to an agreement on the structure of the site and contents of individual web pages, I began designing all of the pages, accounting for the fact that the site would need to be fully responsive. I purchased relevant stock imagery on the client’s behalf and created a custom set of 20+ icons. Once the visual designs and iconography were approved by the client, I began coding the site using Bootstrap as the foundation. It took about a month of full-time work to go from the first set of wireframes to a fully-responsive live website.