Grow Mobile

Grow Mobile provides a single mobile ad buying solution across multiple ad networks and traffic sources with transparent ROI analytics and optimization. It also offers a campaign creation and management wizard, which allows advertisers to create mobile ad campaigns and run them across a large number of partner networks.

Project Overview

I was invited by the founding team to join the company on a contract basis to help build the very first version of the web app. I worked closely with the three founders to deliver user task flows and visual concepts. All of my design work was implemented in the first version of the product.

User Interface Design

A good deal of thought had been put into the design of the product by the founders of the company before I joined the team. I strarted off by collecting product specs, learning about how the target audience would use the app and what goals users would need to achieve. I quickly put together initial user task flow maps to make sure we were on the same page with everyone on the team, and then dived right into interface design, providing alternate versions of the UI upon review. My work at Grow Mobile spanned four months, and by the end of that time period I provided all of the UI components to be implemented in the first version of the product.