Intricately is a Bay Area startup that captures the online footprint of more than three million companies, helping brands like Microsoft, IBM, and Verizon gather valuable sales intel and connect with the most qualified prospects.

Project Overview

I started working with Intricately in January 2017, and over the course of the year our relationship with the founders of this young Bay Area startup has blossomed into a productive long-term collaboration. I mainly worked on Intricately’s product, helping with UX/UI design of new features in an effort to release an enterprise-grade product that offered an easy way for sales teams to do their prospecting.

"We've worked closely with Ivan for quite some time. He has consistently delivered outstanding product design work and helped us create a beautiful and performing marketing site. Partnering with Ivan helped us create and ship product features quickly without sacrificing good design or compromising on the product experience."

Michael Pollack


As with any complex enterprise SaaS product, I first learned as much as possible about Intricately's customers and studied daily usage patterns of the Intricately's web app and Chrome extension. Together with the founding team, we identified all of the major pain points and started working on improving key product components, following an agreed upon product roadmap.

In addition to product work, I also helped Intricatley with a complete re-design of their marketing site that launched in September 2017.