Kabuto is a secure contextual collaboration solution that integrates email, conversations and content from external apps into a single service and allows users convenient access via desktop browser or various mobile devices.

Project Overview

Although I mostly focused on building Kabuto's Android app, I had a chance to work on other mobile and web products as well. Additionally I managed the creation of user tests and conducted user testing together with my teammates. I also actively participated in the hiring process of new designers, helped with on-boarding of new design employees and mentored junior designers.

Chrome Extension Design

One of my first tasks at Kabuto was spearheading the design efforts of the Chrome extension for our web app. I worked closely with the technical team, and our conversations were usually based on the wireframes and visual mockups that I created to ramp up the development process. I also prepared visual assets and wrote copy in preparation of our extension for release in the Chrome Store.

iOS App Design

Small team usually requires people to quickly adapt to changing circumstances and jump from one task to the next at the drop of a hat. When deadlines needed to be met I helped our lead iOS designer with UI tasks for Kabuto iPhone and iPad apps. I also designed assets and created copy for the App Store prior to launch.

Android App Competitive Analysis

When I was tasked with leading design efforts of the Kabuto Android app I immediately realized the scale of the project and started with the basics to prepare for the long road ahead. Competitive analysis for the app consisted of thoroughly exploring competing products, studying Android UI standards and interaction paradigms. I tested a large number of products, made notes, collected screenshots and then worked with our iOS designer to make sure we were building apps on both platforms that functionally and visually appeared as part of the larger whole.

Android App UX

Due to the agility of the technical team we opted to skip interactive prototypes and decided to move forward with developing V.1 of the app with a super limited feature set so we can start user testing the actual product. I created detailed product wireframes complete with annotated user task flows based on my knowledge of how users engaged with our iOS apps. We used these wireframes as reference in our design team meetings to collaborate on all mobile products. Later all wireframes were submitted to our technical team that was already ramping up the development work.

Android App Interaction and Visual Design

Once the development work started to progress, I began collaborating with engineering on interactive elements of the interface that required my input while preparing visual mockups for all screens of the app and handing them off to the developers.

Android App User Testing

Upon each release we tested the app internally and externally utilizing USERTESTING.COM for a wider audience reach. I created task lists for testers and analyzed their actions as they were recorded on video while taking notes of problems that we needed to solve and recording ideas for future product releases.