Localize is a venture-funded startup headquartered in San Francisco that offers powerful solutions for automating the translation of web, backend, mobile, and file based content, saving time and money with tools and libraries that software developers from companies of all sizes have come to rely upon.

Project Overview

I’ve been brought on board to work on an existing product, and that required a complete understanding of the Localize ecosystem. I had to evaluate and learn all of the ways in which Localize customers engaged with their web app, figure out the existing pain points with the help of the internal product team that’s been working on Localize for a couple of years before I partnered with the compamy to help propell their product even further, and we certainly had to offer a fresh perspective on how to build a next generation solution that targeted enterprise clients.

During a long-term engagement with Localize I’ve helped the company build a set of product features that addressed the needs of their existing customers and launch new product initiatives that helped attract new, larger clients such as Cisco. I've worked exclusively on customer-facing product features that included a brand new reporting and an updated billing system, an extensive team management component and a completely revamped dashboard for managing translation projects.

Aside from doing UX/UI product work, I also helped Localize update their marketing site, creating custom iconography and building new pages that targeted decision makers from larger organizations.