Ubank is a Russian mobile banking app that allows users to schedule and make payments using a mobile wallet as well as transfer funds to other users and create group payments.

Project Overview

On this short term project I was tasked to re-imagine key interface features of the Android app, specifically addressing a strategic vision of the product team. Additionally I re-designed the UX for creating and processing group payments. I was also responsible for creating high fidelity screen mockups of the wireframes as my final project deliverable.

Task 01 - Problem

Ubank product team believed that a feature which allowed users to transfer funds between two bank cards needed to be re-designed and surfaced to a more prominent location within the app because it was hidden way too deep, and it was not obvious to users where to find and how to use it.

Task 01 - Solution

After studying the existing interface I decided that it wouldn't make sense to increase the number of menu items on the navigation panel to accommodate another feature. Since the home screen of the app was modular, I re-designed it to accommodate the new feature in a way that didn't effect other features that users expected to find on the home screen. My re-design was included in the V.2 of the app.

Task 02 - Problem

During user testing of V.1 of the app the product team uncovered that users were getting lost when working with the group payments feature. It was difficult to find and not intuitive enough for users to efficiently achieve their goal. Users struggled to create a group payment, and there was no way to track incoming and outgoing money transfers.

Task 02 - Solution

I came up with several ways to solve the problem that included alternate task flows and interface structure. After discussing the options with the product team I made some design corrections to the task flows, updated the UI and created high fidelity mockups for all of the screens. The end result was a three-step flow that allowed users to create group payments and easily track incoming and outgoing payments in the general notifications panel.