Wallit is an iPhone app that allows students to connect with others nearby to organize events and study groups, buy and sell various items, promote local events and notify students of important announcements. This location-aware app aims to connect people nearby who share common interests.

Project Overview

I joined Wallit as the lead designer in August 2012 and was tasked with a complete overhaul of the existing product. Since the founders decided to drastically change product direction right around the time of my arrival to Wallit, the team was essentially tasked with building a new product.

User Research

In order to understand our target audience and create accurate user personas for the product, I conducted a number of in-person interviews. During these sessions I received a great deal of support from a graduate researcher from UC Berkeley who specialized in usability studies of software products. Once the team outlined a few product hypotheses, I created a number of clickable prototypes using FieldTest app so we could A/B test important product variations during follow up user interviews.

User Personas

We created several user personas to help focus our product design efforts on these types of users. I wrote detailed real-life scenarios for each user persona outlining which goals they would need to reach using our software, and how our app would help them reach these goals.

Task Flows

Once it became clear for whom we were designing Wallit, I started creating user task flows to account for the different routes a user might take when engaging with the app. I outlined various use cases and separated user task flows into two groups; content consumption and content creation flows.

Designing UX

When working on wireframing the app's interface I made sure to make detailed annotations for our remote engineering team so they could easily understand our product thinking and the direction we were taking with some features. We conducted a good deal of meetings with the tech team to discuss potential obstacles and make sure the proposed design elements didn't pose any technical risks that might have a negative effect on the overall quality of the app.

Interaction and Visual Design

While engineers were building the infrastructure of the app, I put together notes about the interactive elements of the app, referencing popular apps for good examples of certain interactive features. I designed high fidelity mockups for all of the screens of the app and prepared visual assets for the developers in the required formats.

Launch Marketing Design

I worked with the marketing team to create design assets for social media campaigns and designed Wallit's promo site. I also created all of the assets for the AppStore and helped write marketing copy for the site and the AppStore.